New line-up and new songs!

Ladies and gents, Sequoia Rapids are back, this time with a solidified line-up.  Earlier this year, Kavan Barnett joined the group as our drummer, and we’ve been rehearsing a storm since then.  We took some time out to record a few new songs to give you a taste of the new line-up, and you can find them in the music section.

The songs we’ve recorded so far are: “One Of Those Days“, “Kukulkan“, “Not So Long”, and “High Demand”.  These are songs that the few who have seen us live may have heard before.  We will release other songs in due time, and will likely have an EP soon we’ll be selling at shows.

We’ve recently set up a Bandcamp page, as well as a Reverbnation page where you can purchase digital downloads of the two songs.  If you purchase at Reverbnation, a portion of the money goes to charity.

Also, as you can see, we have a new website!  We’ve set up a blog through word press to hopefully keep up to date better with everything going on.  We’ve got more in store that we’re working on, so stick around.